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Our story


Nuestra historia

Our story

How it began

In December 2021, Myriam (Mía) decided to take out some clothes from her closet to start 2022 with this space a little more organized. One afternoon, Ana went to visit her and saw several bags of clothes in her house, and surprised, she asked her what she was going to do with all those clothes. Myriam told her that she had embarked on a 'closet detox' process and didn't know what to do with them, as they were precious garments, in perfect condition, carrying many memories, and undoubtedly deserved a longer life.

This 'closet detox' inspired Ana to do the same, to take out clothes that had been stored for years and she knew she would not use again; so, they decided to join forces and organize a simple event in their building, to spend a pleasant afternoon with family and friends. The big surprise was the reception that this proposal had, the sale of almost all the clothes, and the interest of the guests in being part of this initiative.

Circular bazaar is born

After the unexpected success of the first event, Ana and Mía, founders of "The Latin Label," an online store of Latin American fashion brands, saw a great opportunity in this new circular fashion initiative and decided to turn their initial business towards a more conscious, responsible, and promising one: CIRCULAR BAZAAR.

Thus, since January 2022, they began the formal consolidation of this project: their social networks, website, and in just 4 months, they carried out 7 in-person events, which showed more and more each day that the world is becoming more receptive to this type of proposal and people are more conscious about the impact that the fashion industry leaves on the environmental footprint.

This is just the beginning

CIRCULAR BAZAAR continues to pave its way, learning about the paradigm of Circular Fashion and strengthening its communication and trust channels with sellers and buyers nationwide to offer a relevant and quality service.

Perhaps the most beautiful thing that this initiative has left so far is new friendships built from this project, with wonderful people who share the same tastes and passion for circular fashion. Ana and Mía envision CIRCULAR BAZAAR as the most reliable circular fashion platform in Colombia, and in the future in the world, with rigorously curated garments and offering an honest advisory service that allows customers to feel satisfied with their purchases, so that these garments are worn and not stored again in a closet for many more years.